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Picture from 09 In From Norman wilson
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Bill Lott

- has sent in his collection of W/E `09` photos.

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When we have more photos from 09 we will place them all together in a slideshow. So send em in!

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Weekend 09 - click Images to enlarge

February 4, 2010 - Charlie Erswell has sent in a new gallery of '09' pictures...

Pauline and Dave Tate

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'Shep (the pensioner) presented with a surprise Birthday cake'

'Shep (the pensioner) presented with a surprise Birthday cake'

11/08/2009 - Gallery of pics in from Martin & Chris click Here

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In from Bill Lott - Hi, I think that’s the best of mine, hopefully others may have more. All the best. - Thanks Bill, all the pics below: (click to enlarge)

1 of our oldest

50 Yr Cert. David

50 Yr Cert. Ivan

50 Yr Cert. Martin

John Fountain - 70 Year Cert

John Grisman

Nice one Pancho


QM-2 passing

Rum bosuns

Serious rum business

Shep, the Birthday Boy

Uckers runners up

Uckers Winners

In From Norman wilson - A very enjoyable weekend as usual.
Norman wilson - Thanks Norman (below)